Marina Naprushkina, Gallery Nova, Zagreb 2022. (foto: Sanja Bistričić Srića)

Generation 2023

out of the needs

Under the title "out of the needs", Naprushkina would like to raise the question about the possibilities of collective demands and actions. What are the needs and how can a collective claim be formulated? In the workshops, Naprushkina will focus on socially engaged practices achieved through collective practice and will share her artistic and activist practices based on the experiences working within self-organized structures and collaborative models, such as the Office For Anti-Propaganda, Neue Nachbarschaft/Moabit or Moabit Mountain College.

To foster the power of imagination, Naprushkina offers to develop a shadow theater together, where protagonists, narratives, memories and claims can merge into a collective action.

Marina Naprushkina is an artist, feminist and activist. Her diverse artistic practice includes video, performance, drawings, installation, and text. Naprushkina is mostly working outside of institutional spaces, in cooperation with communities and activist organizations. Naprushkina is focusing on creating new formats, structures, and organizations based on self-organization overlap in theory and practice. In 2007 Naprushkina founded the Office for Anti Propaganda whichconcentrates on power structures in nation-states. In 2013 Naprushkina started the initiative Neue Nachbarschaft/Moabit, which grew to be one of the largest initiatives in Berlin and built up a strong community of people with and without migrant and refugee backgrounds. Naprushkina was awarded the ECF Princess Margriet Award for Culture (2017) and the Sussmann Artist Award (2015). She participated a.o. at the Kyiv Biennale (2017), the 7th Berlin Biennale (2011), 11th International Istanbul Biennale (2009). Naprushkina teaches at the Universität der Künste Berlin.

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