Dubravka Sekulić is interested in how property relations and legal frameworks shape contemporary cities. She is an assistant professor at IZK Institute for Contemporary Art at TU Graz and a PhD fellow at gta Institute for History and Theory of Architecture at ETH Zürich. She wrote Glotzt Nicht so Romantsich! On Extralegal Space in Belgrade (Jan van Eyck Academie, 2012), and recently co-edited, together with Milica Tomić, Exhibiting Matters (Graz Architecture Magazine - GAM.14) focused on exhibiting. She is an amateur librarian at public library/memory of the world, where she maintains space/race and feminist collections.

Glotzt Nicht So Romantisch! On unlearning through seeing
Seminar with Dubravka Sekulić
18 January, 2019

In Brecht’s Epic Theatre, a banner on which it was written Glotzt Nicht so Romantisch!
(don’t stare so romantically), was mounted above the stage, to remind the audience to maintain the critical distance from what they are seeing, and not treat theatre as escapism, but as optical machinery to see the ills of the society and to inspire for action. Not to fetishize the form, nor the content. In a seminar, we will look at the examples of how the fetish of the formal interpretation has blocked understanding of urban transformation of Belgrade since 1990s, and discuss the various concepts of situatedness in practices. As part of the seminar, we will discuss a 2005 text by Isabelle Stengers Introductory Notes on an Ecology of Practices.

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