Tim Etchells, All the Things, 2020 (photo by Paweł Ogrodzki)

The program of the 4th edition of WHW Akademija, an experimental, interdisciplinary, tuition-free art study program, starts in March and lasts until November 2022. It combines live and digital sessions, starting online in March and April and intensifying in May with a physical summer school that will take place in an outdoor location in Croatia. The programme continues online until the end of October 2022, when the final meeting of participants will take place in Zagreb.

Details for the open call are available on this link. Application deadline is 25 January 2022.

The 4th edition of WHW Akademija is set up as a model that combines online and physical encounters and explores participatory modes of artistic and knowledge production based on the idea of collectivity and possibilities of co-learning. The year is focused on the notion of artistic ecologies that can foster interdisciplinary practice and cooperation, stimulate ideas, and engage communities.

To navigate the period of global disruption we will concentrate our studies on eco-social art practices and explore how we rethink art and ourselves in the current situation. How do we encounter something that is outside and external to us in (post) pandemic conditions? This something can be another human being, art objects, situations, animal or non-human existences. What kinds of artistic ecologies can be formed with these encounters? Adapting to the colossal and unpredictable changes that affected ways in which both learning and artistic exchanges can happen during the pandemic, the emphasis will be on various formats of artistic production in times of crisis such as these. These productions can rely on collectivity, shared imagination and the usage of materials at hand, such as: everyday objects, text, gesture and interventions.

WHW Akademija is realized in partnership with the Kontakt Art Collection. The collection focuses on experimental and neo avant-garde art activities in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe from the late 1950s onwards. The manifold artistic positions included in the Kontakt Art Collection will serve as one of the foundations for discussions and interventions from art and its histories in WHW Akademija.