Daniela Ortiz (Peru, 1985) lives and works in Urubamba.  

Through her work she aims to generate visual narratives in which the concepts of  nationality, racialization, social class and genre are explored in order to critically  understand structures of colonial, patriarchal and capitalist power. Her recent projects and  research revolve around the European migratory control system, its links to colonialism  and the legal structure created by institutions in order to inflict violence towards racialized  communities. Also have produced projects about the Peruvian upper class and its  exploitative relationship with domestic workers. Recently her artistic practice has turned  back into visual and manual work, developing art pieces in ceramic, collage and in  formats such as children books in order to take distance from eurocentric conceptual art  aesthetics.  

Besides her artistic practice she is a single mother of a four years old child, gives talks,  workshops, and participates in various discussions and struggles against the European  migratory control system and institutional racism. 

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