Kate Sutton is a writer based in Zagreb, Croatia, after nearly a decade in Russia, where she helped found the non-profit art space Baibakov Art Projects. From 2018 until 2023, she served as the international editor for Artforum, helping the magazine to expand its representation and take on new voices. She has written for magazines including Artforum, Art Review, Bidoun, Frieze, Ibraaz, and LEAP, and penned catalogue essays for artists including Nilbar Güreş, Aslı Çavuşoğlu, Monica Bonvicini, Dorian Gaudin, Basim Magdy, Stefan Sava, and Martin Roth. For 2019-2020, she was a resident professor of the WHW Akademija, in collaboration with David Maljković. She is currently a co-editor for the catalogue for Vlatka Horvat's presentation at the Croatian Pavilion for the upcoming Venice Biennale.

Kate Sutton, Key Coordinates

In our current moment, it is no longer enough to speak of things in terms of the global, the local, or even the "glocal" (as more than one curator has tried to coin). Instead, artists are faced with increasingly unwieldy expectations to inhabit several registers simultaneously, attending to international contexts and crises, interior reflections, and market demands often in the same gesture. Balancing these different understandings of one's audience and intentions can be a challenge, if not an outright contradiction. Through this series of one-on-one critiques, we will work to identify the guiding principles within an artist's practice, laying out the key coordinates of what they produce and why.

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