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Lena Pozdnyakova is an artist, curator, and researcher from Almaty, Kazakhstan. The scope of her work in collaborative projects and research involves questions related to the culture-nature dichotomy and breaking the boundary between the duality, the notion of the Anthropocene as a not-an-abstract concept but the embodiment of daily life, and blurring the boundary between life and art. 

She is an alumna of the Design Theory and Pedagogy program at the Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los Angeles. She has earned a Bachelor's in Architecture Degree from Sheffield University and a Master's in Architecture from DIA University of Applied Sciences. All the programs were funded with scholarships. Deciding to go further into collaborative work and explore various forms of dialogue with the world and society, she worked on multimedia installations and community projects. She became part of the2vvo artistic practice (duo with Eldar Tagi), a project for interdisciplinary research.

Since 2014, they have exhibited works at LAMAG, Bauhausfest, Unsound, CTM, and Soundpedro Festivals. Since 2016, Lena has been working towards expanding her work to embrace more socially-engaged projects through collaboration, practices of care, intergenerational work, and community involvement. 

Currently, she works with kids at Neue Nachbarschaft Moabit during the weekly arts day and cooperates with Lumbung radio on a project that de-institutionalizes audio format and listening experience through transdisciplinary and intersectionality. 

Artist's web, qazart profile and the2vvo Vimeo.

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1.&2. Mess No More, Los Angeles, 2018; 3. Anyhow there was nothing to add to the fabric of life, Los Angeles, 2019; 4.&5. Practices of care, Almaty, 2021; 6. With love in every stitch social project, In collab with Asya Tulesova, Almaty,2018; 7.&8. Neue Nachbarschaft Work with kids, the2vvo, Berlin, 2022; 9.&10. I was here. I was not, with Eldar Tagi, Ars Electronica, 2021; 11.&12. Thick Skin, Los Angeles, 2020-2021; 13.&14. Hello Void, Innsbruck, Austria, 2022.
Artist statement

As an artist living during the paradigm of climate change, ongoing wars accompanied by the polarization of the world, and socio-political crises exacerbated by the effects of late capitalism, I can not help but wonder about the role and place of artistic practice in the world. Art, it seems, to be the unique refuge that provides us with that liminal and safe space for a challenging and empowering dialogue about the critical issues that touch us all. Art, in these terms, becomes inseparable from the artist's life and their own everyday existence. This means that the expanded form of art, through its myriad of forms, formats, and actions, gains the potential to question, alter and re-imagine the existing order in innumerous ways. 

With this worldview, my interest falls onto the blurred line between art practice that includes social work, domestic and maintenance work, everyday routines, precarious labor and social reproduction, community work, animal welfare advocacy, and many other forms of our engagement with the world at large.

In my work and research, I play with ideas and concepts at the intersection of material and relational. Many of my projects and the2vvo duo's works spring out of ongoing research on the Anthropocene and human actions' impact on the world and sentient species' well-being. Materiality-wise, Anthropocene formal language is interesting to me with its by-products and materiality presented through junk, abjected matter, abandoned pieces, and found objects. Relationally, I am working in social-engaged practices where I engage in dialogue with different groups of society – aging people, institutionally-confined colleagues, and precarious workers.

As an artist and a citizen of the world, I am interested in the potential of learning together about complex issues, I believe in playful acts of improvisation, and I strive for mutual-aid-driven collaboration as a form of productive, creative, and political force that gives hope and encourages taking action.

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