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Klara Burić (1997.) is an artist from Croatia, currently living in the earthquake-affected areas of Petrinja and Sisak. 

Working in both traditional and digital media, she focuses on sculpture and installation art. In her process-based works, she researches ethical, ecological and socioeconomic phenomena that occur in her own environment. By creating digital surroundings, modeling and casting synthetic as well as organic materials (clay, wood, resin) and presenting scents, her installations are simulacrums of ever changing nature.

She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2021, and she finished her BA with the highest honors (summa cum laude). During and after her studies, she exhibited her works in solo exhibitions, as well as in numerous national and international group exhibitions.

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Artist statement

Research. Inspiration. Emotion. Visualization. Audience.



The narrative of my artwork is rarely a one-way street. And I am striving to find a way to make it speak more clearly.

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Even if it means to simply change perspective… The question is - how?

Through my artworks, I explore contexts of my environment, replacing the immediate experience of nature that is changing and disappearing. I question the concept of nature and its subjective idyllic impression. Since moving to Petrinja, I am observing the processes of regeneration of cities that are in ruins, and the lifestyles of its inhabitants.

My installations tell stories. The negatives, the positives, the befores and afters. The present intends to open dialogues - and the future is in the mind of the observer.

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