Photo by Verena Blok @verena_blok from her series of studio portraits of fellow @rijksakademie residents 20-22

Pennie Key (Penelope Koliopoulou) is an artist born in Athens. She lived in London during the 2010s and received an MFA in Fine Arts from Goldsmiths in 2016. She was a Rijksakademie resident for 2020-2022 and the recipient of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation award ARTWORKS 2021. Other residencies include Saari in Finland and Can Serrat in Spain. Pennie has shown work institutionally in Gfzk Leipzig, Künstlerhaus Dortmund, Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam, MoMa Thessaloniki and various project spaces in the U.K., Belgium and Mexico amongst others. Her biggest accomplishment to date is leading a well-attended PE class for artists, 2 years in a row.

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1.&2. Men of Rijksakademie 2021 and 2022 calendars; 3. Healthy Body Healthy Mind, 2021, is a page for the publication We Had Plans, 150 years of Rijksakademie about the workout group; 4. Do You Hit Women? 2021, mixed-sex kickboxing performance, at Sexyland, Amsterdam, photo by G; 5. Junior and Rah, print from Male Preserve installation, 2021; 6. I got 99 Ideas But I Can’t Fund None, 2022, mug; 7.& 8. Socks Off! Sock Wrestling game installation at Künstlerhaus Dortmund (Photo by Tommy Scheer Silke Schönfeld)
Artist statement

My practice is an aggregate of multiple cross-disciplinary, intersecting pursuits — activities that are located in subcultural contexts, and that often allude to subversive social codes. I am a martial arts practitioner, a professional dominatrix, and a fetish wrestler. These activities provide an entry point for developing artistic enquiries and often support the resulting artwork’s defining conceptual components and aesthetics.

Within these frameworks, I critically reflect on the body amidst constellations of power relations, gender and sexuality. Overlaps and comparisons can be observed in how a body negotiates the inferred codes, hierarchies and the literal and psychological habitats of these constellations. More specifically, my enquiries are orientated around examining how the subjectivity of my body — a female body — can be shaped and transgress as it navigates through codified spaces that simultaneously pose risk yet also potential emancipation. In order to better comprehend these dynamics, I developed the term: situationally appropriate and relationally transgressive. In this vein, I investigate how I can position myself in relation to the situationally-specific rules of each space in order to conform or transgress.

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