Photo by Magnus Ruby Bang

Katja Crevar was born in 1990 in Zagreb, Croatia. In 2016 she relocated to Denmark, where she continues to live and work. She received her BFA in 2021 from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts where she currently pursues an MFA at The School of Conceptual and Contextual Practices. Her work embodies personal notes through variety of media and techniques given by the context(s) in which she keeps re-inventing herself. 

At the moment she's interested in expanding her education and artistic practice inside the collaborative, experimental and research based context(s), with focus on working inside the public space(s) and human contact.

While she is typing about herself in the third person, there are two books on her desk - Elizabeth Freeman Time Binds, Sara Gebran Quantum Society, and an open tab on her computer screen - Irena Haiduk Against Biography

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1.&2. And Some Good Thoughts Happen To You, video still, 2018; 3.&4. Future telling, installation view, Rundgang, 2019; 5. The Weekend House: Night is colder than outside, installation view, Gallery Q, 2019; 6. Intervention, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, 2020; 7. Læ, Installation view, Gallery Q, 2021 (photo by David Stjernholm);9. Emergency exit, Amagerfælled, May 2020
Artist statement

My work is migrant. Between different layers of the present tense - the consciousness of the space, the body and the self. 

It is situated somewhere in-between the visible walls and unknown grounds. 

Mediated by a dancing body, searching within installation, video, photography, interventions, text and time. By re-contextualising existing objects, social constructs, values or ideas, its aim is to gently lower the walls to the ground. It mirrors, in order to inspire, a new image of it all. A different one.

And I…I am a storyteller without words. A tiny little translator on a huge, timeless wheel which conveys a much bigger story. The story gifted to you and me, deeply rooted, embodied in every poem and the tree. Approaching a new piece, is to approach a new way of searching for this story, translating it further - so the wheel keeps carrying it along.

I am here because I love to imagine the art space as a possible safe environment. As a possible architecture with no other function for its walls, than to simultaneously heal and provoke, to encourage inner growth and a wider care.

With my little translations, I try to rely on nourishing both your imagination and mine - the important re-learning and re-acting through movement and play. With desire for free knowledge, valuing the exchange of experience, relations and ideas - keeping the wheel gifting,

 With love, to dance.

Katja, 23 January 2023

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