Photo by Saba Gorgodze

Mari Kalabegashvili (b. 1999, Tbilisi) is an emerging multimedia visual artist and cultural practitioner based in Georgia. She received her BA degree from the Visual Arts, Architecture, and Design School at the Free University of Tbilisi, and continued to study as a guest student in the class of Prof. Schneider at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in Germany. Having an interdisciplinary background in cultural affairs, Mari’s works take on an organizational role and create a determination to synchronize with the dynamics of the given environment in its context without being distanced from it. With cross-pollination methods of practice and community-oriented projects, Kalabegashvili builds up her works using contradictions as an entry point and poses the question of what happens after “ever after”. Apart from her individual praxis, she is currently involved with the Parallel Class project creating alternative educational initiatives for high school students throughout the country.

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1. & 2. A photo story: If You Catch My Drift, 2022; 3. & 4. Dust in Her Hair (braids), 2022; 5.& 6. SUN INSIDE AND SUN OUTSIDE, 2021; 7.& 8. Singing Rock, 2021.
Artist statement

In between contradictories, my place of residence located between two continents, with its visible and hidden scars, offers a strange collage. By observing the surroundings and building up a personal narrative as a woman and a young mother, I offer a statement to the viewer and invite spectators to openly engage with the works themselves. Since my educational background was not limited to the study of arts, it gave me a firm foundation to initiate collaborative projects with non-profit organizations and reach out to regional institutions. Through the public display of my multimedia artworks, writings, and communal happenings, I take interest in the function and the role of culture and its importance in reflecting identities.

With a focus on themes of reexamining history, free expression, and civil society, I desire to provide a space for conversation and healthy connections as a part of resilience against dominating misconceptions.

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