Photo by Laszlo Gabor Belitza

Rita Süveges is a visual artist based in Budapest, her practice is research-based. She works with communities through knowledge-sharing performative events, and for the exhibition context, she uses a wide range of installative media, focussing on the transdisciplinary reframing of environmental issues. She is enrolled in the Doctor of Liberal Arts program of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. She is a co-founder of xtro realm artist group, editor and author of extrodæsia and the Climate Imaginary Reader and curator of ACLIM! part of OFF-Biennale Budapest 2021. Süveges was also a volunteer board member of the Association of Studio of Young Artists Budapest from 2018-2021. She was awarded the Smohay Award, Derkovits Grant, New National Exception Grant, Visegrad Scholarship, and was nominated for the Strabag and the Esterhazy Art Award. She won the TótAlJOY Prize in 2023. She took part in residency programs in Cité des Arts de Paris, International Studio and Curatorial Program New York, Meetfactory Prague, MQ/Q21 AIR Vienna, and exhibited in the Ludwig Museum, Koblenz, Off-Biennale Budapest and CHB, Berlin, among others.

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1. extrodaesia - Encyclopedia toward a non-anthropocetric worldbook launch with xtro realm, 2019; Ridge of Doom, video still, 5’33, 2022; 3. Ridge of Doom, Smohay Art Award exhibition, installation view, photo: Zuzsa Simon; 4. Ridge of Doom, acrylic on biking helmet, 2022; 5. Field; 6. Trip at the bauxit mine at Gánt, 2018; 7. Petrocene, installation view, 2022, photo: Zuzsa Simon; 8. Climate Crisis and the Imaginary series, field trip at the oil refinery (xtro realm) 2019; 9. Infrastructure, installation view at the Headquarters of the Union of Iron and Steel Workers, photo: David Bíró; 10. extrodaesia - Encyclopedia toward a non-anthropocetric world with xtro realm, Typotex Publishing, 2019; 11. Paleobotanic Plant, out of control exhibition view, photo: Zuzsa Simon; 12. Genezis - the Irrigation Cans of Petroculture, 2021, photo: David Bíró; 13. Polyculture, group show at ELTE Botanical Garden, photo: Zuzsa Simon
Artist statement

My research-based art practice is twofold: either in community knowledge-sharing projects or white cube installative shows I deal with the feminist critique of technoscientific imaginaries.
I apply a broad spectrum of visuality, my main tool is analyzing and creating aesthetic experiences via filtering and rearranging the knowledge that I have raised through interdisciplinary research: such as reading social and natural scientifc studies and volumes, interviewing researchers, making field trips, collaborating with researchers and artists, curating and creating exhibitions etc. I have organised open field trips to natural locations, to raise a bodily experience as a medium to elaborate an ecocritical approach to what human’s relation to nature is, unravelling how a landscape merges into a culturally constructed image. I published a study about the 2 year long project titled Beyond the Postcard: an Ecocritical Inquiry on Images of Nature. In my last solo exhibition, Ridge of Doom, I dealt with how humans manage the non-human world through technology, focusing on extractivism and fossil fuel dependency, all in the shadow of an apocalyptic sublime aesthetics. In my upcoming doctorate dissertation, I question geoengineering and technooptimism as yet speculative solutions for the climate and ecological crisis from a feminist perspective, analyzing how these techno-fixes are means of an accelerating patriarchy and capitalism.

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