SAFE HAVEN (2021), video screenshot The Middleman 1/3 of the characters, director of photography: Denis Kozerawski

Jelisaveta Rapaić (b. 1997 New Jersey, USA) is a cultural worker and an interdisciplinary artist, currently working as a public program curator and PR for Kunsthalle Bratislava. She has gained her Bachelor’s degree of design at the Textile Design department of the Faculty of Applied Arts, in Belgrade, SRB (2019) and her Master’s in Fine Arts at the studio VVV of Intermedia at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, SK (2021), during which she participated in a student exchange program at KASK & Conservatorium / School of Arts Gent, BE (2020) at the Media Kunst and Performance studios and she took part at BAK (basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht, NL) Summer Winter School in Bratislava, SK (2019). 

At the beginning of the pandemic (2020) she opened a traveling pop-up hair salon where she offered hair cutting therapy sessions in exchange for goods and services, titled We Are Open (BE, DE, CH, SK, FR, SRB, CZ). After finishing her studies she took part at the Cite Internationale des Arts, artist residency in Paris, FR (2021). Some of the exhibitions she took part in are Whoever Settles in a Perfect Home Will Have to Move, Glassbox Nord, Paris, FR (2023), Dizzeyland, Medium Gallery, Bratislava, SK, (2022) My Tenderness Is My Biggest Weapon, Apart Collective, Bratislava, SK (2022) Language in Common, Youth Biennial, Belgrade, (SRB, 2021).

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1. Begonias, steel and love, land art, Youth Biennial 2021 Belgrade, RS (Documentation by: Nikola Miloradović); 2. Today we were again the most polluted city, (De)motivational quote, digital image (2023);3. There is no such place as safe space, (De)motivational quote, digital image (2021); 4. SAFE HAVEN (2021), installation view, Diploma AFAD (Documentation by Paula Malinowska); 5.& 6. On the road (2022), object, Dizzeyland, Medium Gallery, Bratislava, SK (Documentation by Jan Sipocz); 7. My Pinterest Vision Board I Have Yet To Manifest. (2021), installation view, Cite internationale des Arts, Paris, FR (Documentation by Alessandra Carosi); 8. It's a Party in my Head and I didn't RSVP (2019), video screenshot (Dop: Jana Anđić; Sound: Yakov RP); 9. Human dog bed, (2023), soft sculpture, Whoever Settles in a Perfect Home Will Have to Move, Glassbox Nord, Paris FR (Documentation by Paula Malinowska); 10. Dům kultury a únavy (2021), hair-cutting Therapy Sessions, Center for experimental theatre Brno, CZ (Documentation by Minka Dočkalova);11. Symposium at Telocvična, Nova Cvernovka with PLAST (2022), hair-cutting therapy sessions (Documentation by Šimon Luptak); 12. Salon Jelisaveta: True hell comes from within, performance documentation from the opening of the solo exhibtion, Paf gallery, Olomouc, CZ, 2023 (photo by Tomáš Jakubec)
Artist statement

In my practice I often use humor and familiar tropes to communicate on topics intertwined with high pressure contemporary culture anxieties such as wellness, environmental anxieties, wage making, mental health and womanhood; often falling back on the critique of false care system we are told is in place. One could say that the topics of my interest are quite mundane and I wouldn't necessarily disagree; it is a constant struggle balancing collective vs. individual responsibility, effort, history, future, shame, grief, love and trauma. Navigating through the delicate social web of norms, performativities, identities, roles and constructs is a full time job on its own. I feel my role is often to state the obvious and paint the elephant pink, maybe even to resource to a form of exposure therapy or a really bad simulation. Im hoping to trick into discourse political questions and conversations under the guise of my campy, flower printed Trojan horse. 

‘’Im attracted to objects and tool of complete disfunction, I believe there is much dysfunctionality surrounding us, in personal relationships, in relationship to the work we are doing to survive or systemic dysfunctionality, which can be presented through a state or another bureaucratic apparatus. We often cannot really make change individually but we can find coping mechanism on a personal level which are some tools, like meditation, drugs, or going for a walk or shopping. But these are all very individualistic approaches to handling existing problems or pressing issues, which can be solved only through collective efforts. Sometimes, in order to be able to reach the point of working on a goal collectively, we first need to reach the point of optimal functionality though some personal coping mechanism. ‘’ 

-form an interview regarding Dizzeyland exhibition for Art You Can Eat portal.


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