Raluca Țurcanașu (1990) works with photography, videography and words to empathically observe and critically interrogate society, post-communism, the art world(s) or the current deep digitalization.

Raluca is a former Advertising Account Manager who wanted to write. She has graduated magna cum laude from the Centre of Excellence in Images Studies (University of Bucharest) and was also the recipient of a one semester bursary at Paris Diderot (Lettres, Art et Cinema).

Her final thesis and visual project, I mirror the mirror revolves around reflections in the urban space, stemming from her personal photographic practice which she tries to explore as an ontology of a way of seeing.

In 2020, she did an artistic residence at the Museum of History and Art in Zalău. Her project, titled On the yellow line explored visually and audio the river crossing the city as well as an abandoned camp, in order to push the viewers to ask themselves: whose ruins are these?. The video essays premiered online while the photo exhibition will take place in July in Zalau.

Artist's website, analogue photography and critical art writing.

Each program participant will work closely with their mentor over several months, critically reflecting on their artistic practice, its relationship to this particular moment, and possible paths it might take in the future. Raluca Țurcanașu will work with her mentor Dan Perjovschi.

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Artist statement

Let’s be optimistic, in a skeptic, inquisitive way. Whatever the means, challenge everything!

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