AUF ÜBER 42.000M² BIETET ES RAUM FÜR VIELSTIMMIGKEIT, AUSTAUSCH UND DIVERSITÄT, First Rehearsal, Coalition of Cultural Workers Against the Humboldt Forum, 2020

Eva Ďurovec (1981, Snina, former Czechoslovakia) graduated in 2018 from Spatial Strategies programme at the Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin (M.A.).
She also holds B.A. from Institute of Creative Photography in Opava, Czech Republic(2011) and an engineer degree from the Department of Applied Informatics, EUBA, Slovakia (2005). As a member of the Weekend & Plaste group she has exhibited at HMKW Dortmund (2019), gallery Kow, Berlin (2019), the 14th Triennale kleinplastik Fellbach (2019) and at Videoart at Midnight Festival, Berlin (2018). She participated in the exhibition Work, Work, Nothing but Work at the Gallery Wedding, Berlin (2019). Since 2011 she has lived and worked in Berlin and Košice, Slovakia.

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Each program participant will work closely with their mentor over several months, critically reflecting on their artistic practice, its relationship to this particular moment, and possible paths it might take in the future. Eva Ďurovec will work with her mentor Vlatka Horvat.

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1. The Rise of the Boss, 2020 - 2021; 2. Atropos, 2019; 3. and 5. New Mind Mapping Forms II, 2021, 4. New Mind Mapping Forms, final thesis, 2017 - 2018
Artist statement

In my work I deal with living space and life fulfillment, in the context of social, economic and environmental crisis, issues of corporate power, corruption and their consequences for the country, people and animals. My projects often arise as part of self-education in order to understand the complexity of reality, capturing the widest possible range of relationships, geopolitical processes, the limits of the body and the ecosystem. I work with a simple medium such as textiles, wood and paper, which I supplement with autobiographical texts or research notes.

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