Photo: Merve Korkmaz

Vismayee, born in 1993 in Mumbai, is an artist whose creative journey has been marked by a profound exploration of art and architecture. Early on, she immersed herself in the world of art, eventually channeling her passion into a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from the Academy of Architecture.

Following the completion of her degree in 2017, Vismayee shifted her focus towards impactful community work, spearheading sustainable and cost-free construction initiatives for the indigenous  Warli tribe on the outskirts of Mumbai. The tribe's sustainable lifestyle and use of everyday materials became a wellspring of inspiration for her. Collaborating with the Warli tribe, she embarked on a series of land art projects from 2018 to 2021, creating a harmonious dialogue between art and community.

In 2021, Vismayee set out on a transformative journey to Milan, enrolling in a Master's program in Visual Arts & Curatorial Studies at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti. This move not only expanded her academic horizons but prompted a re-evaluation of her artistic methodologies and a deep dive into the temporal nature of land art. The shift towards ephemeral art, with a primary focus on the evocative materiality of ice, became a hallmark of her evolving practice.

Her artistic pursuits led her to Switzerland in 2022 for an artist residency at the Institute of Land and Environmental Art. It was there that the project "Conversations with Ice" took shape, a participatory performance echoing local architecture, narratives, and weather. In 2023, she reprised the project at the Triennale in Milan as the opening act for "Voicing the Archive," a collaboration with Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti.

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1. Conversations with ice, Tenna, Switzerland, Artist Resisdency, Institute of Land and Environemental Art (Photo: Miraj Busch); 2. Conversations with ice, Tenna, Switzerland, Artist Resisdency, Institute of Land and Environemental Art (Photo: Dominik Landwehr); 3. Conversations with ice, Triennale, Milano, (Photo credits: Nuova Accademia do Belle Arti)
Artist statement

Drawing inspiration from climate and the inherent beauty of natural elements, Vismayee questions the evolving nature of her practice. With a keen awareness of the geographical and environmental influences on her art, she ponders how a change in location might once again shape the trajectory of her artistic exploration. Today, she continues to push the boundaries of her creativity, continually questioning and adapting to the dynamic interplay between her surroundings and her evolving artistic vision.

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