Áron Rossman-Kiss is an art worker, researcher and political organiser. In addition to an MFA from Goldsmiths College, he has also completed studies in social anthropology (Central European University) and curatorship (Konstfack). He is in charge of external relations for the green-left movement Szikra (Hungary). He is based in Budapest, where he works as a freelance translator.

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1.-2. Landscape to invert, fieldwork (Idomeni/the West Bank), 2020 - ; 3.-4. Hyalea 5, 2019, film stills; 5.-6. July Days, 2019; 7. (politics I guess) Can a Few Sparks Light a Fire?, rosalux.de article, 2023; 8. Announcement of Ceegla (Central East European Green Left Alliance), Polish Parliament, Warsaw, 2024 (Photo: Anthony Stalker)
Artist statement

My work meanders across many different places & fields —  the arts, research & political organising. I’m not sure a single statement should hold them together, since they echo and travel together, but don’t always intersect.

Most of my projects unfold from the concerns & methods of anthropology & history — the disciplines I studied alongside the arts. They’ve engaged with the workings of memory, displacement, political ecology, labour, transnational solidarity. They’ve emerged from borderlands, peripheries, the slowness of research, collaboration or comradeship.

I’d rather not place hierarchies between them. Establishing subcommittees is important; so is qualitative research. (And I hope that art — fingers crossed — can be as well.)

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