Gaia De Megni, visual artist, originally from Santa Margherita Ligure, lives and works between Rome and Milan. She studied Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies at the NABA Academy in Milan, furthering her studies with the MAP_PA Master in Performing Arts organized by Palaexpo and the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. Since 2014, she has worked with different media including sculpture, video and performance. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions including: Malta Biennale 2024 (Valletta, 2024); AFELIO  curated by Xing (Bologna, 2023); Ekrani i Artit (Shkodër, 2022); collective exhibition at the Castello delle Mura in Rome on the occasion of the Talent Prize INSIDEART (Rome, 2021);  Hypermaremma (Maremma Toscana, 2021); Blackout, curated by Ana Dević, Pierre Bal-Blanc, Marco Scotini, Carol Yinghua Lu and  Liu Ding and published in Artribune magazine (2021); Studio Visit - 30 artists for 30 days, curated by Adrian Paci and published by  Fondazione Pini and Boîte Editions (2021). She was awarded the Monza Biennale dei Giovani art prize (2017), Arte Accademia by DUCATO prize (2019), Lydia Prize (2019), Pini Art Prize by Pini  Foundation (2023) and she was selected among the nine finalists of the Talent Prize 2021.

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1. AFELIO, 2023, performance, variable length; 2. PROPAGANDA, 2018, performance, 7.23 min; 3. IL MITO DELL’EROE, 2021, video, 16:9, 7.45 min; 4. AFELIO (props), 2023, glass sculpture, 29x113 cm; 5. IL MITO DELL’EROE (uniform), 2021, performance; 6. IL MITO DELL’EROE, 2021, performance, 45 min; 7. UNTITLED SCREENS, 2016, three Nero Assoluto Zimbabwe granite slabs, 30x40 cm; 8. S.CARLO, 2019, performance and four engraved Absolute Black Zimbabwe granite slabs, 50 min, 12.5x183 cm; 9. NULLA SI SA, TUTTO SI IMMAGINA, 2018, two engraved Nero Marquinia and Carrara marble cubes with two video projections and projectors, 38x48x48 cm; 10. IL MITO DELL’EROE, 2021, performance, 45 min; 11. 8.30, 2014, video, 16:9, 8.30 min; 12. IL MITO DELL’EROE, 2021, performance, 45 min; 13. AFELIO, 2023, performance, variable length; 14. IL PESO DEL TUONO, 2021, three raw slate slabs, 40x100x1,5 cm; 15. AFELIO, 2023, performance, variable length
Artist statement

Ranging between diverse media, including sculpture, installation, video, and performance, my work analyses the potential of the image through the crumbling of Western imagery and its representations. My attention is particularly caught by moving images from which I identify both individual and collective matrixes. Drawing on the cinematographic language, both historical and contemporary, as well as on digital media, the research questions the balance between absence and presence, monument and movement, representation and reality using processes of deconstruction and reformulation of visual and verbal codes.

A recurring element is the investigation of the military context and its rituals, from which I appropriate symbols and aesthetic paradigms, such as arms, badges, and uniforms, or even specific gestures or postures, re-elaborating the latter in sculpture and performance. In this way, roles and actions bound to an idea of offense and defense are decontextualized in the works and voided of any symbology of belonging or spectacular intent. Repeated gestures, slow and extended gaits, dysfunctional devices, and stage costumes are the result of a procedure of abstraction and fragmentation of the original content, given to formulating new interpretations and relations of meaning.

While operating on history and its representations and through re-elaborating typical elements of military performance, cinema, and theatre architecture, I try to question the hero archetype in order to deconstruct the rhetoric of the hero figure in favor of a subjectivity with no provenance, race, or gender.

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