Ekaterina Muromtseva (b. 1990) is a filmmaker and installation artist with a background in philosophy and stage design, whose lyrical-conceptual work investigates personal and collective memory through imaginative forms of documentation. Personal exhibitions have taken place in the XL gallery in Moscow (2017,2018,2019), in Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (2018), and in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (2019). Participant of Steirischer Herbst Festival (2018). Based in Moscow.

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1. Dear Visitors, installation in Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, 2018, photo: Garage Museum; 2. In this country, film, 2017, Steirischer Herbst’18, photo Liz Eve; 3. From the series "A quarter to twelve", graphics on canvas, 2018, 50х90 cm; 4. From the series "More than us", watercolor, paper, 297x150 cm, 2017; 5. Resistance, 2019, installation in the windows in the Garage Museum Studios, 2019; 6. Resistance, 2019, photo: Garage Museum of Contemporary Art; 7. In this country, film, 2017, still
Artist statement

My primary artistic focus is on large-scale paintings, videos and installations which refer to personal and collective memory, feature historical obscurities, and unfold in both lyrical and conceptual ways. I address the precarity of memory and its elusiveness that serves as a springboard of paradox and slippage between fiction and reality. I am interested in the narrative where document and artistic imagination overlap.

Another facet of my practice is socially engaged art. I have collaborated with inhabitants of several retirement houses in different regions in Russia. Coming together while running workshops, we apply various media (video, photography, watercolor painting) to participate in a collective visual art production and claim one’s own voice to criticize or participate in the canon.

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